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Carnets de Voyage

Carnets de Voyage

Concert program

Clarinets and sounds

Also available in the season 2020-2021

This creation of a special world full of unheard sounds is a result of more than 15 years of collaboration between composer/visual artist George De Decker and clarinetist Raf De Keninck. Immerse youself in this world created by two naughty sound-boys….improvisations with church doors, traffic lights or just somewhere in a forest looking up at the confrontation with falling leaves. This concert is a once in a life time experience!



We must say no! (2008) 

Carnets de Voyage (2014)

Es ist Winter (2016)


Duration: 70 minutes


Raf De Keninck (clarinets), George De Decker (tapes-electronics)

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