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Raf is working with superb instruments and material from the companies:

Buffet Crampon, Selmer and Leblanc. 

E-flat Clarinet Leblanc - mouthpiece of Nagamatsu

B-flat Clarinet, Festival , Buffet Crampon -  mouthpiece B40 prof 88 Vandooren

B-flat Clarinet (extended with low e-flat) Leblanc

A Clarinet, festival Buffet Crampon

Alt Clarinet Conn (Vintage model from 1953)

Bass Clarinet Selmer Model 67 and Bass Clarinet Tosca Buffet Crampon - mouthpiece of Nagamatsu

Reeds from Vandooren V12 and V22 french cut

Many thanks to 

Tomas Hendriks (vids)

Lisa Verdoorn (vids)

Julie Verlinden (pics and vids)

George De Decker (pics, graphics)

Paul van der Krieken (sounds)

Ensemble Emanon  (demo)

Vlaams SInfonietta (demo)

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