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Carnets de Voyage
Raf De Keninck plays George De Decker

Live experience with music by George De Decker performed by Raf De Keninck (clarinet, bass clarinet, water phone) 

(live video registration concert of 13 February 2018@Cenakel Tilburg - Contemporary Music Week AMPA) 


Music by Frank Nuyts

Contemporary opera from Frank Nuyts (2016)

Raf De Keninck (conductor) - Machteld Timmermans (production)- Aylin Yay (narator)-Laurence Servaes, Annelies van Hifte, Inés Madeira (voices) and ensemble

Marine Blossoms

first performance

Marine Blossoms has been created during the festival 'Voorwaarts Maart/En avant Mars' in music centre 'De Bijloke' in Ghent (2012). Performers: Emanon ensemble, conducted by Raf De Keninck. Solo Viola: Florian Peelman, Live visuals by Dirk Opstaele

Endless words


A collaboration between the singer Margriet van Reisen and Raf De Keninck. A journey to different worlds, sounds, atmospheres and stages of being. 

In a 70 minutes long musical conversation between the two performers souls the audience is witness from new atmospheres and sounds. 

Close your eyes and discover new worlds! 

Chut! A prequel

Prequel to the chamber Opera Paternel

Chut! is a prequel of the chamber opera Paternel. Music: Frank Nuyts Libretto: Philippe Blasband Director: Machteld Timmermans Singers: Laurence Servaes, Annelies Van Hijfte, Inês Madeira. Narrator: Aylin Yay Conductor of the ensemble: Raf De Keninck

Chamber Symphony III

Music by Alain Craens

Chamber Symphony project part III with muisc by Alain Craens. Vlaams SInfonietta with conductor Raf De Keninck


Music by George De Decker

Multimedia performance with music by George De Decker and live made paintings by Bert De Keyser. Raf De Keninck plays all kinds of clarinets and the water phone.

Chamber Symphony II

Music by Luc van Hove (deSIngel 2011)

Chamber Symphony project part III with music from Luc van Hove. performed by Ensemble Emanon with Raf De Keninck. 

Festival Voorwaarts Maart 2013

New music by Emanon 

First performance of "So real as though metaphysical". Music by Nikos Ioakeim performed by Katerina Konstantourou (celesta) Hans Van Kerckhoven (male soprano) and the Emanon Ensemble, dir. Raf De Keninck.

Performance at The Bijloke Concert hall Ghent, Voorwaarts Maart Festival 2013

Chamber Symphony I

Music by Frank Nuyts

Chamber Symphony project part I with music by Frank Nuyts. Ensemble Emanon with soloist Elise Calluwaert and conductor Raf De Keninck.


Short documentary by Perry de Loor (Music by George De Decker- clarinets Raf De Keninck)

"Louis" is a short documentary by Perry de Loor (15min) about the Antwerp beggar Louis, who became famous after he took care of two children of 5 and 1 years, who where left on the street by their drugaddicted parents. The story of Louis is one of change and hope, about the differentiation between the hard life on the streets and the appreciation Louis got in a society of indifference.

Requiem (2007-2009)

Concerts with an outstanding program including music by H.Gorecki, S. Vande Ginste and A. Laporte with soloist Erwin Deleux and the Emanon Ensemble under direction of Raf De Keninck

Mannin zoekt Ma Nnin


Production from Lucia Riccio and Julie verlinden in collaboration with composer George De Decker.



Emanon Ensemble presents "ADDA".

Contemporary dance with music from Andrikopoulos and Dvorak.

Musicians from Emanon with R. De Vlieghe and N. Piere (Dance)

Soloist: Raf De Keninck 

"Hoe het varken aan zijn krulstaart kwam" (2009-2011)

Music theatre for children (8-12)

What's the connection between angels, God and pigs? Find it out in this amazing show! Production: Ensemble Leporello/Emanon- stage direction Dirk Opstaele - actor: Dirk Van Vaerenberg - Music by Noor Sommereyns performed by Raf De Keninck and Ben Faes

A different machine 2006

First edition of the festival "Voorwaarts Maart" 2006

Music by B. Van Esser Live music played by Ensemble Emanon, conudctor Raf De Keninck.

Collaboration Guy Penson 
Heist op den Berg 2011
Concerto for Harpsichord
Guy Penson Ensemble
Emanon olv Raf De Keninck

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