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Almost all his life Raf De Keninck has been connected with wind music. He grew up under the wings of the Flemish wind band "Verbroedering" in his native village Rumst. At the age of 15 he started conducting. He was permanent conductor of "Met Moed Vooruit" Opdorp (Belgium, Superior Division), Kunst Na Strijd (The Netherlands, First Division), L'Union Fraternelle (The Netherlands, First Division), Harmonie St-Cecilia Blerick (The Netherlands, First Division) and many other orchestras. He has been guest conductor with orchestras in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Japan and China. 


Over the years he has won numerous first prizes and victories at various competitions and Festivals in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

He is a regular member of the jury at VLAMO (Flemish Amateur Music Organisation) and at KNMO. (Royal Dutch Music Organisation). He is also a member of the artistic team of the European Youth Music Festival in Neerpelt.

Since 2019 Raf De Keninck is appointed as conductor of the Harmonie St-Cecilia Blerick.

Together with BBM ( Brabantse Bond Muziekverenigingen) Raf De Keninck works on a new setup around quality improvement. Look fro more information at


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