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Carnet de Voyage cd clarinnet George De ecker Raf De Keninck

CARNETS DE VOYAGE (2014) is a project in which George De Decker portrays musicians by “mapping” their respective talents & temperaments. The idea was born out of his long-time experience as a composer for television documentaries.

But how do you use music to write someone’s biography? 

For a first instalment, De Decker invited his “fetish musician” for a drive in his car: clarinettist Raf De Keninck. He, unsuspectingly, was driven to the village of his youth, and confronted with his roots. Many hours were spent talking and locations in and around Rumst (B) were visited. At these locations, the composer had the musician perform improvisations, inspired by the surroundings: at the house where he was born, the baptismal font of the village church, the tomb of his father, the living room at his mother’s house, the woods that were his playground as a child, the banks of the Nete... and all of this was extensively documented in sound and images. 

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